Enhance Your Trading Strategy with Trendline Indicator

Date: March 18, 2024
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Are you struggling to identify crucial levels and draw trendlines accurately in your trading charts? Manual identification of trendlines and key levels can be both challenging and subjective. This is where our solution steps in, offering a systematic approach to pinpointing essential support and resistance levels and drawing optimal trendlines.

Why Trendline Indicator Matters:

Trendline analysis is vital for traders looking to make informed decisions. Our trendline indicator automates the process, ensuring precision and objectivity. By utilizing a set of parameters, we identify the most critical levels of liquidity and plot trendlines that optimize your trading strategy. No more guesswork or relying solely on manual observation.

The Solution We Offer:

Our indicator goes beyond merely identifying support and resistance levels. It also incorporates candlestick patterns like Engulfing and Pin Bars, marking them on these significant levels and trendlines. With customizable alerts, you’ll receive notifications as soon as these patterns form, eliminating the need to constantly monitor charts. This streamlined approach empowers you to act swiftly and confidently when trading opportunities arise.

Key Features:

  • Accurate Identification of Critical Levels: Our indicator precisely pinpoints liquidity levels crucial for effective trading.
  • Automated Trendline Drawing: Say goodbye to manual trendline drawing. Our indicator does it for you, ensuring accuracy and consistency.
  • Candlestick Pattern Recognition: Engulfing, Pin Bars, and more are highlighted on important levels and trendlines, aiding your decision-making process.
  • Customizable Alerts: Receive timely notifications when candlestick patterns form on significant levels, enabling prompt action.
  • Breakout Confirmation: Customize breakout conditions based on volume and confirmation criteria, ensuring you’re always informed of potential trading opportunities.


Incorporating our trendline indicator into your trading arsenal can revolutionize your approach. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual analysis and embrace a more efficient and effective way of navigating the markets. With precise level identification, automated trendline drawing, and customizable alerts, you’ll be better equipped to seize trading opportunities and optimize your profitability.

Recommended Indicator Settings:

Please note that depending on the market, currency pair, and timeframe you are trading, the input parameters for the indicator may vary. However, as a general guideline, we suggest the following settings for the indicator inputs:

  • Upper Trend: 25
  • Lower Trend: 25
  • Pivots: 25
  • Candlesticks on Trend Lines and Pivot Lines
  • Pinbar Type: Magic Pinbar
  • Engulf Body: 1
  • Breakout Type: Breakout + Volume + Confirmation
  • Breakout Min Body: 1.5

These settings provide a balanced approach to trendline analysis, incorporating key levels, candlestick patterns, and breakout criteria. Remember to adjust these parameters based on your specific trading preferences and the dynamics of the market you’re trading.

Summary of the Indicator:

Our indicator displays the following key elements:

  • Trendlines: Clearly demarcates trend directions, providing valuable insight into market sentiment.
  • Pivot Lines: Identifies significant support and resistance levels, aiding in strategic decision-making.
  • Candlestick Patterns on Trendlines or Pivot Lines: Highlights candlestick patterns such as Engulfing and Pin Bars occurring on trendlines or pivot lines, signaling potential reversals or continuations.
  • Breakout Candle: Recognizes breakout candles, indicating potential shifts in market momentum.
  • Alerts: Generates alerts for significant events such as candlestick pattern formations and breakout occurrences, ensuring you stay informed and never miss a trading opportunity.

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